Reviews of Paddy's CD
"By Request"

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the choice of songs and Paddy Hernon's strong and steady baritone."

Max Ferguson - C.B.C. Radio

"Every once in a great while, a recording comes along that successfully combines literacy and awareness of tradition with talent and musicality, while maintaining relevance and power.

If you, as I , are moved by music rooted in something other than adolescent urban fashion and fantasy, I recommend "By Request".

In 13 songs (8 Traditional and 5 Contemporary), Paddy's fine deep voice is complemented by guitar, mandolin, mandola, cello, whistle and excellent harmony vocals.
All of the instrumentalists are strong.

Favourite cuts include "Broom o' the Cowdenknowes" (Child#217), "Wild Flying Dove" (Tom Paxton), and "Shallow Brown" (Recorded in memory of Stan Hugill).

Selecting a favourite is hard though because of the consistent strength of performance. An album to learn songs from."

Phillip Morgan - Victory Music Review