Custom Packages

The style of a charter aboard Blarney Pilgrim reflects and complements the style of the ship herself. Each day is taken as it comes with ease and comfort. The day's activities are determined by the tide, the weather, and the interests of our guests.

Our regular cruising ground is in the
Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia,
one of the world's most beautiful and
protected cruising areas. The islands stretch
for more than one hundred miles along the
southern coast of Vancouver island.
Numerous coves, bays, and inlets offer quiet
anchorages. Guests are encouraged to take

advantage of the many
experiences that the Gulf Islands have to offer. Whether one enjoys observing wildlife, beachcombing, exploring hiking trails, or visiting local towns, shops, and museums; each day holds a new opportunity.

For the more adventurous, Blarney Pilgrim has ranged from
Seattle, Washington to Desolation Sound and beyond. We welcome your enquiries and will be happy to discuss the many options available.
Tell us about your interests.

Blarney Pilgrim accommodates 6 persons (Double Occupancy) plus Crew.

Cruises are generally from 2 - 5 Days.
Prices negotiated on the basis of size and requirements of the Charter Party.

Blarney Pilgrim is a non-smoking vessel.